About Us   We are stitching expert!

We are - The Perfect Stitches LLC The Stitching Expert

We are offering you the prime Quality embroidered patches in any shape or size you want to make your outwears more attractive or to show the uniformity at your workplace. Our Patches are much cheaper as compare to its quality. Iron on Patch, sew patches, Custom patches or any other patch will fulfill all your needs. The Perfect Stitches LLC uses the finest quality material with highly skilled labor to make your embroidered patch perfect & you will find “The Perfection in every stitch”. It will be best if you wear it or display it you will definitely going to love our designed embroidered patches. We provide durable patches so you don’t have to worry about their color fading or fraying like other companies.


  • At ‘The Perfect Stitches LLC’ we provide unparalleled attention to customer – it’s the biggest reason behind our success.
  • Provide Perfection in every Stitch.
  • 24/7 multi-platform customer support.
  • Free digitization to bring your designs to life.
  • FREE delivery to anywhere in the United States makes ‘The Perfect Solution’ the ultimate patch solution.
  • We also offer several important benefits that other patch companies don’t offer.

Who we are

The Perfect Stitches LLC is USA’s one of the leading B2B and B2C clothing manufacturing industry which deals in a manufacturing of Custom Hats, Patches, Shirts, Trousers, Tracksuits, Clothing Labels and marketing products. The Perfect Stitches LLC is working since many years in Pakistan as a manufacturer and exporter and have served numerous clients successfully in USA.

The Perfect Stitches LLC mission is to just serve best quality products in cheapest rates to consumers and to gain client’s satisfaction. The specialty of The Perfect Stitches LLC is Embroidered Goods, either it is Patch or Hat. The client will found Excellence in Every Stitch. Production plant of The Perfect Stitches LLC is situated in the world’s best textile manufacturing country Pakistan. Other than Embroidery we do manufacture custom Shirts, Trousers and other products too. The thing which separates The Perfect Stitches LLC from other manufacturers is the price.

The Perfect Stitches LLC provides good quality stitched product in very low price. The Perfect Stitches LLC assure your delivery at your doorstep on time. You will never find that quality in such prices throughout the era.

The Perfect Stitches LLC has high quality fully automated machines, high-skilled manpower. The Perfect Stitches LLC is available to serve their clients 24/7.

The Perfect Stitches LLC favors SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) by manufacturing small quantity of goods in cheapest rates. One more unique selling point is that, The Perfect Stitches LLC doesn’t charge you a cost for designing & digitizing for 99% of cases. The delivery is FREE. So it means client doesn’t have to pay any additional charges. Currently The Perfect Stitches LLC is working and serving their client in New Jersey but now we are seeking more locations to spared good quality stitch products throughout the USA so that people can avail the amazing custom manufacturing of clothing products in best rates.